Guard::PHPUnit automatically runs your tests

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PHPUnit guard allows to automatically & intelligently launch tests when files are modified.


Please be sure to have Ruby running on your machine. The latest versions of Ruby come with a packages-manager called Gem. Gem can be used to install various packages, including PHPUnit-guard.

Before you continue, also make sure you have the Guard gem installed

To install the PHPUnit-guard gem, run the following command in the terminal:

gem install guard-phpunit


Please read the Guard usage documentation.


Guard::PHPUnit can be used with any kind of PHP projects that uses PHPUnit as its testing framwork. Please read the Guard documentation for more information about the Guardfile DSL.

By default, Guard::PHPUnit will use the current working directory (pwd) to search for tests and run them on start (if you enabled the :all_on_start option).

Example PHP project

The PHPUnit documentaion uses the Object Freezer library as an example on how to organize tests. This project uses the Tests directory for its tests.

An example of the Guardfile for the same project would look something like:

guard 'phpunit', :tests_path => 'Tests', :cli => '--colors' do
  # Watch tests files

  # Watch library files and run their tests
  watch(%r{^Object/(.+)\.php}) { |m| "Tests/#{m[1]}Test.php" }


The following options can be passed to Guard::PHPUnit:

:all_on_start => false        # Run all tests on startup.
                              # default: true

:all_after_pass => false      # Run all tests after changed tests pass. This ensures
                              # that the process of making changed tests pass didn't
                              # break something else.
                              # default: true

:keep_failed => false         # Remember failed tests and keep running them with
                              # each change until they pass.
                              # default: true

:tests_path => 'tests'        # Relative path to the tests directory. This path
                              # is used when running all the tests.
                              # default: the current working directory (pwd)

:cli => '--colors'            # The options passed to the phpunit command
                              # when running the tests.
                              # default: nil


Pull requests are very welcome! Make sure your patches are well tested. Please create a topic branch for every separate change you make.


Maher Sallam